The apple is very useful for human healthis usually consumed as fruit vinegar, wine and fruit juice is also used as.

Apple, Rosaceae family in malus eaten the fruit of the treesBoth hemisphere temperate climate grows. Applesproduced since ancient timesthe method of vaccination changed into many varieties increased.

Apple homeland Anatolia yu, involving the South Caucasus. Due to the ecological conditions in the center of the suitability and gene apples, cultivated since the very earliest times in almost every part of our countryNorthern Anatolia, the Black Sea coastal region of Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia regions of the passage between the springs and lakes in the south in recent years, the apple is an important breeding areas 6500’ü exceeds the number of apple varieties in the worldIn Turkey, the number 460 is found. They are high in quality and efficiencyof been done and the number of commercial farming is very small.


Apple varieties produced in our country Starking, GoldenStarkrimson and Amasya diamond.


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