In the early fifties GOKKUT FRUITS AND  VEGETABLES (1999) started as an independent vegetable farmer and commission agent at various auctions that once thrived in the vicinity of Antalya. Knowing exactly how his company should be in future years he gave it the push it needed to become the business it is today.

His sons that are in charge of the firm today realized its gradual and steady growth. To complete the picture: his grandsons are also working within the company. All these years still a family business.



GOKKUT FRUITS AND  VEGETABLES’ mission is to supply fresh quality products of any quantity, at any time and any location at a competitive price. To achieve these fundamental principles we have good connections with producers/cultivators, their cooperations, auctions, trading houses and, of course, with logistic service providers at home and abroad.


GOKKUT FRUITS AND  VEGETABLES cherishes realistic ambitions; management keeps aiming for a gradual growth that commenced in the past. In this way the international clientele keeps growing. To changes in the market will be responded immediately and to finding the right measures to deal with that. Solutions need to be found for extreme weather events due to climate change.

Methods will need to be simplified to lower costs and there will have to be further efficiency battles to guarantee that the costumer stays the focal point of the company.